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Gathering on the Greenways

Last Wednesday of each summer month.

June 26th     July 24     August 28     September 25

SE Ladds Circle   7:00-9:00 am

What makes a Greenway so great?

Neighborhood greenways are where people of all ages and abilities have the opportunity to bicycle, walk and play! They are designated residential streets with low speeds where bicycles and pedestrians are given priority. To date, Portland has more than 70 miles of neighborhood greenways to promote a variety of transportation options. If you drive on a greenway, please drive cautiously and thank you for traveling 20 mph or less.


Second Gathering Success!

SE Clinton Street

Third Gathering Success!

Ladd's Circle

Hundreds of cyclists, pedestrians, strollers, dogs and school children stopped by to share conversation, coffee and homemade muffins on Wednesday August 28th. This was the first day of school - so lots of excited school children stopped by with their parents as they walked or biked to school.

Special thanks to the Chinese Baptist Church on the north side of Ladd's Circle for hosting our event in their front yard.

Final 2019 Gathering Success!

30th and Lincoln

Bikes, dogs, scooters, neighbors all got together to connect, drink coffee and envision what the intersection of 30th and Lincoln could look like in the future.